Karunya (KR-380) Lottery

Kerala State Karunya (KR-380) Lottery Result 2nd February 2019

Steal the show with Kerala Lotteries and match the numbers with Karunya (KR-380) Lottery Result. The govt of Kerala runs various lottery schemes and you can also participate. All the ticket holders are required to match the numbers of Karunya (KR-380) Lottery. Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted. Likewise, one cannot expect to win the very first time in lotteries without repeatedly trying. Because as the saying goes, you will not win immediately but you will if you have patience and passion. Lotteries are a great investment as proved again and again. All you need is perseverance and hard work. No one has experienced success in a blink of eye. You too can achieve want you want with Kerala Lotteries.

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PHONE:- 0471-2305230 0471-2305193
DIRECTOR OFFICE FAX – 0471-2301740

Karunya No. KR-379th DRAW held on 12/01/2019 AT GORKY BHAVAN NEAR


1st Prize– Rs 80 Lakhs/-

Consolation Prize– Rs 8,000/-

2nd Prize– Rs 10 lakh

3rd Prize– Rs 1 lakh

4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-

5th Prize– Rs. 2,000/-

6th Prize– Rs. 1000/-

7th Prize– Rs. 500/-

8th Prize- Rs 100/-


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