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10 things we used to do in the 90’s which we miss now

The sole purpose of life is to teach us that we can’t have anything always with us. We have to let go of the things with time so that we can replace it with something new. We grow up, we develop new habits and we change. Change is inevitable. We may try hard to hold on to the things from the past but in the end we have to lose it. I guess things were easier when we were kids no pressure, no complication all our problems would solve with an ice cream and or weeping over something. Here are the 10 things which in the 90’s were a big hit for us but we miss them now:

  1. Writing a letter to a distant relative or a friend had never felt bad and probably never will but in this era of space technology we neither have the time nor the luxury to write something on a piece of paper and wait for a week to get a reply where we can easily get our response with a click of a mouse. The innumerable romances and stories which were only possible with the help of a letter is no longer a logical choice these days. Of all things, writing a letter to someone and reading its reply can never be matched with a facebook ping or a WhatsApp message.
  2. Watching cartoons for hours and hours was the best mode of recreation for us back then. Power Puff Girls, Swat Cats to The Master of the Universe: He-Man always made us wondered and go bananas over them. 2D Animation couldn’t get any better for us. We worshipped them, literally, for the joy and satisfaction it gave us every time when Tom and Jerry would fight. Gosh, I do miss it now.
  3. TV Shows like Shaktimaan, Mahabharata and Ramayana had the same effect on us as Game of Thrones and Sherlock has today. Every Sunday we would root for Mahabharata in the morning with our entire family and would even picture ourselves in such scenarios where we would ride a horse, wear a crown and eating fruits lying on a couch. In this era of political violence these TV Shows are no longer cool for us but honestly somewhere we miss those Sundays.
  4. If you are a 90’s kid then sports meant playing football or cricket with friends out on an open space instead of sitting on a chair and pounding the keyboard or consoles to prove your skills. Playing Hide and Seek, even today is cooler than Temple Run and Subway Surfers. But we don’t have the time now, do we? The tuitions, the classes, the phone calls, and the web-chats they all shifted us to a new dimension.
  5. As a kid, birthdays were way too intimidating and joyous with a house filled with guests and friends. Everyone would remember your birthday back then and would brought you gifts like a 50-set color box or a story book instead of a Tee-Shirt or a Sun-glass. The cake, the candles, romping every corner of your house with all other kids wearing your favorite dress with your favorite toys or gifts is a thing I miss on my present birthdays. To be honest, back then on your birthday people would give you gifts without asking for any treat of whatsoever. These days, it’s like where’s the party bro?! Disgusting and boring.
  6. It comes to us a shock now when we think of 90’s and we would remember the Sharjah of 1998 and the man behind it, who is still being loved by the whole world is no longer playing out on a field. Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Steve Waugh and several others whom we will never see playing and entertaining us on a field any longer. The game of cricket has never been the same since then.
  7. On the list of missing things we definitely miss those Brick Game, video game consoles. Those triple track car racing, shape arrangements, shooting blocks at any time during the day has been replaced by Android, IOS and other gaming platforms. They were cheap but they made us very happy. You know, as they say happiness is cheaper than we think. Brick Game proves that right.
  8. In the 90’s as a kid we often thought that 2000 or the term Y2K would be the end of all. A new millennium would start new and we all would be discarded or the world will explode and we all would die. Just like the present day kids were scared of 2012, we were scared of 2000. I really had a tough night on 31st December of 1999.
  9. We didn’t have I-pods or mobile phones to listen to our favorite songs then, we had tape recorders and cassettes. We all know how to roll in a cassette with a pencil back then but now we don’t have cassettes except for in our ‘No longer needed’ box. The tape recorders, the classic voice of Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar made our childhood way more awesome.
  10. Finally, the most important thing which we miss from the 90’s is to sleep at 10:00 PM in the night regularly. At one time 10:00 PM was super-late for us and midnight was indeed the middle of our peaceful sleeping night. Today, 3:00 AM is cool and if you go to sleep around 11:00 – 12:00 then you are nothing but a boring person who lacks energy.

Even after 10 years from we will miss the things we do at this time, as I said change is inevitable and we all must accept that change so that we can adapt and develop for our future but our heart will always miss all these things that were simple and made us happy.

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