The Horse from my nightmare!

It was after lunch as I walked back into my room and closed the door. My mom started screaming my name out loud and I heard loud hooves, I ran out of my room and saw a white horse, furiously running in my front yard.


It was surprising because in a town like the one I resided in, horses could only be found near the railway tracks and the nearest railway track was kilometers away from my home. Dark, bony, feeble were those horses that could be found near the railway tracks but unlike anything like those, this one that’s running around the front yard as a mindless beast was strong, white and muscular. I had to calm my senses because my father and elder brother were both out and my mom had a weak knee. The horse shouldn’t get inside the house, yelled my mom so I braved to run to both the doors to the front yard to lock them from the inside before the horse tried to get back in our house again. Being the youngest, as well, there would be times when you would have to stand in front of everyone else and lead the way.


After locking the doors I saw the horse still running furiously and with it’s saddle on its back, it was certain that the horse was tamed and courted by its master who had taken care of him very well. Keeping him all tidy, brushed and strong. But the horse, was furious, desperate, angry but no prominent reason to be found. After getting all exhausted minutes late, it noticed me and started coming to my direction. After coming near the porch it stood steadily looking at me.


It felt like the horse was trying to hypnotise me. I went to the left door and unlocked it. As I walked out to the porch the horse took a few steps towards me and bow down its head to look straight into my eyes. I looked back into his and saw a reflection of me. I couldn’t understand what I saw, why I saw? Eyes are reflecting, they reflect everything but even in that reflection, I saw the very heart of that horse tired of living the same life of being told when to run and when to stop. The horse longed for freedom, which he knew he would never get if he would have stayed stuck to its roots. For he was born to run wild in his own glory or foolishness but free from all boundaries, free from all that burdened him down. The horse vanished in thin air right in front of my eyes showing me my darkest desires.


I woke up with a quenching thirst in my bed as my room lifelessly looked at me from darkness as if waiting for me to wake up and see what path would I take?

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