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We are never old for stories, are we? We all love to share the stories of our grievances and sadness so that silently somewhere in someone’s mind we would be placed as a tragic hero except for those sentimental and depressed in love songs and heroic end. Don’t bother yourself too much because I am just talking about myself. It has been a year since I broke up but to be completely candid with you I really never even got started into that relationship. The girl I proposed, I mean, I was about to propose was already in tears and rejected me at that same tingling moment before I could even say those terrifying 3 words and made my life horrendous. Well, that was really unexpected and tears rolled down everywhere. Actually even today I have no idea why I cried on that day or the next day and the next day after that next day. Honestly I had faced more terrible incidents in my life before that and never did a drop roll out of my eyes. Was it the situation or was it because of the crying girl or was I got too silly and unrealistic? Perhaps, at some other time I will discuss this particular sentimental incident with you and we can exchange our views. As far as my confession goes, I hold no grudge against her nor do I have any regrets about that moment. When the mourning and weeping was over after a couple of days, life seemed to regain its color again. I tried to act normal and lively as before, you know; but despite my heart being trampled and my head being stormed I found myself quite the same while playing FIFA 13, on my computer. Though I had to pretend otherwise to my friends and to that girl for they would neither share my enthusiasm for computer games nor the joy I account for while playing them.

Whatever, reading romantic story books like Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, Love Story by Erich Segal I had it all set in my dreams, I meant mind. I even had planned my proposal on my mind beforehand as I am not that much of romantic guy like my friends are but still who doesn’t want to have a perfect beginning to their love story so I had it all figured. I just wish if life could ask us for our opinions, I mean, if life could show us some curtsey and ask us before going on its accord that what we do actually want from it then it would have made all of us feel a little better. Anyway, let me introduce myself to you – I am Aryan! You can also call me God, if you want to. You look great, yes you are; the one who is reading this piece of shit. Just kidding, it’s nice meeting you. Well I am someone like you, simple and ordinary, trying hard to make a name for myself. This is what I think of myself when I am being modest otherwise you better watch out for me because I am extremely awesome and I do have the potential to blow your mind along with your brain but that would be inhuman. Well, if you don’t believe it then go and find yourself that Grumpy Cat on the internet, the one who hates everything and it, will give you the exact response I have for you for not believing me.

Anyway, in the last one year or so I have changed. I won’t say that I am wise enough but I have gained some wisdom. Wisdom that makes me thinks thrice before I believe or do something. During the last one year, I mourned over my own misfortune but which now seemed to be a well-deserved boon. My country mourned for a Brave Heart, a 23 year old girl, publicly molested and brutally murdered on a bus. It was a really shock to mankind. Cricket frenzies across the world mourned for the greatest cricketer as he said adieu to the game he defined it himself. I have met people, whom I called my friends, who talked only behind my back when I was not around and that even led to a fistfight. I won the fight but I lost to their two faced nature as I won’t be that much good as a double faced liars like them. Sorry for my harsh words but they are really that talented that if you happen to meet them in person you won’t notice a damn thing but as soon as you turn away for something else they would tell lies based on their self-assumed knowledge and poison the very atmosphere around you. I also learned that people change when their needs are over. They would be friendly to you as long as you have what they need, once they got it they wouldn’t even bat an eye about you; no matter how much you adore them. With this much burden of wisdom on my shoulders, I felt wise. Actually, I am feeling pretty wise right now. Anyway, I just wanted to share that moment with you that happened two years back as it was one of my memorable events of my life. Here we go –

One day on my way to office from home I met a beautiful young lady of four and twenty years or so at the same bus stop again. Why again?

A little flashback so that you can understand it properly – Eight years back when I was in the very cusp of my adulthood I had a secret crush on that girl. If you are based in India, especially in West Bengal from a very young age then you ought to have a festive crush. See, the biggest bong festival continues for 4-5 days in the month of October generally, in here and people would come out of their houses wearing new fancy dresses and intent happiness on their faces. This girl was one of those rich, pretty hot girls whom you may see twice or thrice in a year if you are lucky but whenever you see their faces you get Goosebumps because by staring at their eyes you feel something in your heart and something in that lower part of the body seems to get really happy as well. I know, you feel it too when you see them. Anyhow, that girl was there for all the 4-5 days every year for 7 consecutive years except for the last year she came on the last day of the festival. She was a couple of years younger than I was or it felt to me but though I have always fancied her but never had the courage to begin a conversation with her. I was kind of afraid, you know. She being rich and pretty and me being not so rich and average, I couldn’t have the courage to make it happen but I hoped one day.

And that one day was that day. Now where was I? OH, at the bus stop! That day was my lucky day and why wouldn’t be, I had been in this marketing job for the last two years after completing my Master’s degree and I was about to get my promotion within that week or two so I was really feeling great contentment with myself. Moreover, that girl was also there standing a couple of yards away from me and from my life as well. My life, as I had dreamt it to be just flashed right in front of my eyes and I felt that everything was real. Even the world seemed brighter and more colorful than usual, everything was just perfect. She was amazingly incredible. She had small eyes, well smaller than mine. People say that my eyes are as big and as of those cows or whatever. She was standing there in her white kurti and navy blue jeans with a sandal of almost 4 inches long heel. She was a like human zoozoo, you know, she was sweet and adorable with attractive eyes and most importantly she had a pretty smile. It must have occurred to you as well, when you see a smile on the lips of the most amazing person in your life and you feel to do everything possibly you can for that smile once again.


I mean in her with a trendy purse and in a white salwaar she was waiting. The girl seemed to be horribly-good and nothing could be wrong about her. Her elegant appearance could easily take everyone’s breath away and her dead gorgeous smile was enough to take away your consciousness. The girl had not so long black hair but her eyes were as dark as night. Her face was round and she was white as the moon. Her lips were faintly red and her dimple on her right cheek made her unforgettable…’

“I have seen better, you know, in those magazines. In which they look ultra-hot even in two pieces and they have been built in the perfect hourglass shape with a tight waist and so on but I can’t modify it as it’s my grandfather who’s telling the story, not me” I thought to myself.

I was sitting beside him on his bed in the infirmary when I noticed that I had only 40 minutes to spare with him. The nurse wouldn’t allow a minute longer as it would court-martial her. The infirmary was whitish-blue from the outside and even from the inside. It would take a year for anyone to find a single granule of dust in there. The yard was as clean as white marbles. The rooms they allotted were cozy and enough spacious but only in whitish-blue. The ticking of an old big wall clock on the drawing space shoved my mind off the infirmary. The most amazing part is that whenever something new happens in my life, I know my grandfather is there to listen. It’s not that the rest of the family neglects me but I like to share my experience with him. That day’s topic was love, four words that rules the world. Anyway, I paid my full attention to him. He was in a story telling mood and I couldn’t resist his stories since my childhood.

‘Listen, don’t you excite yourself from now on’ he resumed, ‘Not so long ago, in a bus stop there had been a lady.’

“What? What?”

‘A beautiful young lady of two and twenty years with…!’

“At every bus stop you can see one,” I interrupted.

The annoyed look on his face with his eyebrows frowning at me were completely visible and no rocket science was needed to explain that my remark had hurt his intelligence. As a school teacher concentrates even after being disturbed by the notorious students, he again sunk himself to that immeasurable depth.

‘A beautiful young lady of two and twenty years with a trendy purse and in a white salwaar was waiting for someone. The girl seemed to be horribly-good and nothing could be wrong about her. Her elegant appearance could easily take everyone’s breath away and her dead gorgeous smile was enough to take away your consciousness. The girl had not so long black hair but her eyes were as dark as night. Her face was round and she was white as the moon. Her lips were faintly red and her dimple on her right cheek made her unforgettable…’

“I have seen better, you know, in those magazines. In which they look ultra-hot even in two pieces and they have been built in the perfect hourglass shape with a tight waist and so on but I can’t modify it as it’s my grandfather who’s telling the story, not me” I thought to myself.

‘Then came to the bus stop, a young fellow running after a bus which he had lost in the length of the road…’

“Always does” I murmured.

‘The young fellow was as princely as you are’ smilingly he said, trying to grip my full concentration. ‘The young fellow was not that bad in the eyes since he was tall and dark with curly hair and even wore specs…’

“Really?” I said.

‘He was in some hurry, that young fellow, as it was an auspicious day for him. He had his first presentation to show in the office and it must be framed correctly and perfectly. Though he missed out that bus but destiny had something in return for him. Angrily in disgust he kicked in the air, revealing his boyish character, which most women would prefer but that lady wasn’t convinced. When he noticed that his boyish behavior had been witnessed by that fine lady, he was ashamed of his deed and kept his head low. With a deep breath, as in films, he adjusted his tie to perfection and smartly walked under the shade of that stand. The whole world around him had simply vanished; nothing appeared to him except that lady.’

“Love does make people obnoxious and psychotic.”

‘At that housing campus bus stop, only those buses are the options other than the pull-rickshaws. The young fellow while he was pulling up his bag with his right hand over his left shoulder adjusted his belt with the left hand. After a momentary pause, he, from the corner of his eyes stared at the lady and as soon as the lady looked back, he turned his head straight and gently started caressing his hair as if he had no idea of his surroundings. He was blushing already and why he wouldn’t.’

“Why?” I again interrupted him, as my journalistic genes are always thirsty for the reasons behind each and everything, “What’s there to blush?”

‘Well, it was not the first time the fellow had noticed that lady. It had been a few times they had noticed each other but couldn’t talk to each other. That fellow even thought of marrying her and had many other illusions centering that lady; he felt that deep somewhere in his heart that the lady had already claimed a portion which he couldn’t overrule as she was everything that needed to complete his life and his family. He even thought that he would introduce her as his lady to his friends and colleagues. Everyone would admire his choice and blame their luck for not serving such favor to them. His kith and kin would love her at the very instance. He even dreamt of how his family would be with kids and all. His desolation and loneliness should end now and he even had that opportunity before him. He knew that she was the angel he had been pursuing for the last couple of times.

“He must be a jerk to dream all these. Was he that psychotic since birth? I mean he hasn’t actually met the girl and he even began to dream these stuffs. Damn!”

My grandfather took an unwanted break with disgust and asked me to hand over the food I had brought for him. I opened the food case filled with Chicken-Momo and handed over to him. In the meanwhile I took few sips from that bottle that was placed on the shelf besides his head. He was kind of disappointed with my remarks but honestly, I couldn’t stop myself from counteracting the logic of that fellow along with his idiotic behavior.

“Delicious… ummm… extraordinary, your mother is definitely the best cook in the country. So tasty…”

I nodded in approval. All of a sudden he began without any prior notification.

‘His mind had tangled him among many questions as: What if the lady wouldn’t talk back? Whether it would be right to talk with the lady? What if the lady was already engaged? What would he do if the lady slapped him, thinking him to be a stalker? What and if, the only two words capable of containing us to our limits had risen in his mind. His confusion was normal and the fear of rejection that evolved within him demoralized him. He decided not to even look at the lady anymore. He resumed his waiting for his bus to come and to save him from this cruelty of Mother Nature, for it was tormenting not to fulfill his sudden desire which had already turned into a must. He got impatient with those mixed thoughts and while slowly calming himself down thought to himself that he wouldn’t stare at any cost but his heart couldn’t listen to his brain and he stared at the lady forcibly.

Destiny wanted to continue the depth of its foreplay so with the wink of an eye the boy directly stared into her eyes while her eyes caught his. The lady smirked while slowly removing the strings of hair that fell across her face.’

“Wow, that’s scintillating. Just like a movie again,” I whispered.

‘The young fellow was moonstruck with it, well-nigh mad already, floating in his seventh heaven of delight, expecting that his long cherished desire would be fulfilled in a few moments. His shyness had been into a new depth already. Her smile made an irreparable wound deep in his heart that made him to lose himself in a utopian dream. Her crimson face had made the world bubbling around him. Everything seemed to be perfectly motionless in that broad daylight. He was excited; he wouldn’t know that it would be so easy to win over someone. He realized that he was not an amateur anymore in the field of impressing the ladies. But in spite of all the self-realization and smile, he was still afraid for he knew not what the future had in store for him. After a few minutes of self-believing sessions, he made up his mind that he would talk and check her out…’

Evening breeze had already started to whistle in this winter day, one could feel the sharp cold that reigns all over the place. I looked out the window and saw it was getting dark.

‘…He turned towards the lady and as soon as he would take a step, he stopped; for there was a bus coming only yards away from the stop. All his self-realization and strength would vanish in no time and he would be a complete jerk, if the lady got into that bus. He would be blamed for his cowardice which led the time to slip away. The bus stopped and the conductor was waving them but happily the lady was standing still. He sedately relieved a heavy sigh, for luck gave him one more to chance to make her own.  He was worried about what to ask, for that was not a social networking site where others would not be aware of someone’s secrecy or someone’s secret love. He once again caressed his hair and stepped right in front of her with a smiling face.

Before he could begin, his cell phone vibrated. The lady was also noticing him but of that twist, she was stunned of providence. It was his senior officer from his office who reminded him of the significance of that day in his life and also told him that if he were be late today, his presentation would be postponed for the next 8-10 months and all his big dreams of life would scatter again. His dream of getting out of the country would be engulfed in the contradiction of his mind with his brain. He couldn’t believe it, for he had almost forgotten that. His eyes got bigger and while gently breathing through his mouth he was thinking of a backup plan. All his back up strategies backed away, when he noticed that the lady was now gazing over his behavior stunningly. He again came back to normalcy but couldn’t think of his next step.

He was in a dilemma as on one side his bright future awaiting him and on the other his long cherished love. His head felt like breaking apart for he couldn’t think what’s right to do then. He even became very angry with himself when he discovered that the previous bus which he eagerly wanted to pass away was actually for him and not for the lady, since he didn’t notice.’

My grandfather paused for a moment as if he were in that situation and wondered what it could have been if destiny had led him the other way, I felt. I never thought that it would be his story, I presumed. The young fellow, the lady, the bus stop didn’t make any sense. Before we ran out of time, I shook his hand to revive him to reality. He looked into my eyes and murmured something. I asked him what happened then at the bus stop.

‘The fellow couldn’t wait any longer, since he was desperate to make his first impression on the lady. His brain might have tried to stop him but his feelings for that lady resisted it every time. His eyes got bigger, his heart beat increased and wiping away the last drop of sweat over his forehead, he stood next to the girl. It seemed, someone up somewhere always loved to foreplay with someone’s destiny and from nowhere another bus, representing his bright future, just stopped in front of that bus stop. He died once again except for his beating heart which continued to hope for something far greater. He was yet to make up his mind but he finally decided to…’

“Enough for now, 10 minutes have already passed.”

“2 more minutes ma’am, 2 more minutes, please,” I begged.

“Next day, now you should leave. We are not running any radio show!” The nurse replied.

“Just 2 minutes, please, please”

“No,” the nurse yelled at me while handing over the medicines to my grandfather.

My grandfather took those pink pills silently and went back into his sleeping world, for he needed rest. I stood up, took my bag and gently put my headphones on my ears and walked away. On my way back, I tried to figure out what could have happened at that bus stop but had none to assume or take sides. I wanted to sort out but I couldn’t get along with any of the sides. I asked myself what I would have done, if I were stuck between my love and my dream. I would have chosen…ummm…ummm…

“I become so numb, I can feel you there becoming this. All…” My phone rang.

“Where are you? Have you got any bus yet? How long will it take?” My mother asked from the other side of the phone.

“I will be backing home soon, I have just out of the infirmary. I am waiting for the RT-38 bus to come.”

“40 minutes have already passed after the visiting time, do you have any idea?”

“Is it? I will be backing soon, don’t worry.”


After I disconnected the call, I am eager to get a bus. I thought to write the exact story which my grandfather just told me but with my ending, not of destiny’s. What trembled my mind was the curiosity to know whose story it was. Why my grandfather didn’t end the story? These thoughts had already started storming my head. I said enough to my mind. I took out my bottle and finished the remaining few sip. While putting the cap on I found myself at that seventh heaven of delight, nigh mad already when I noticed a beautiful, charming, cute faced girl standing there beside me. Her eyes made an irreparable wound deep into my heart and I lost myself in a utopian dream. Her crimson face made the world bubbling around me. I liked that girl on that very instance but couldn’t have the heart to talk to her. I also felt that very panic of what and if but I shoved off all my nervousness from my eyes to talk to her or maybe just to ask her Facebook account link.


But what I noticed was “RT-38, a private bus.” I just got so annoyed.

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