what it means to love

A love like no other – Arindam Bachar

Dear Christina,

Firstly I don’t know how I ended up with a perfect girl like you but I am glad that I did. The girl who has supported through my thick and thin, especially thin. I never got a chance to say thank you for being there for me but these 3 years have been an amazing ride with you. We went through so much yet we did survive and this conquest of surviving has now become a habit on a daily basis. Now I just want to ask you a few simple things, β€˜β€™Will you be my survival habit forever? Will you be mine forever? Will you be by my side forever?”

I really want these moments of ours to last for eternity and I want us, to last forever.

Marry me and complete me!
Be mine forever 😘😘😘 .



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