Swetha G Prabhu

A love like no other – Swetha G Prabhu

Dear best friend,

“Meeting you was fate but being with you was the bestest choice of my life.”

Neither did you express your love nor you have said that. But in your fights, taunts and scolds you made me realised that you love me more adorably than you would express. Because self-realisation is beautiful in its own way. From laughing at my lame jokes to controlling laughter at my super jokes, from a stranger you became my amigo. Making my sad tears fall down the cheeks as happy tears; you cared for me like a sibling in their absence.

Giving an ear to my blunders and never ending talks to a hand on my shoulder with words “it’s ok!” You easily handled my weird moods. You simply amazed me by switching to different roles within a span of a second. Astonishing me with words of motivation during the period of difficulties to being a constant supporter in front of the world; you have never left a stone to awe me. No matter what I did, you never judged me instead corrected me. No matter how bad and stupid I’m, you loved me unconditionally.

While people laughed at the stains of blood behind my dress you respected the womanhood in me. While you been stern and rigid, in many instances, I felt too, kick you up. Yet! Only to realize later you were pulling me from stepping on pricks of hardships and hurdles.

Moreover, you gave me another family, you been my prodigy and the bestest treasure of life. While I was enjoying the most beautiful journey of life you entered and made the life more dramatic. You loved me as a sister and respected me like a girl. You taught me not all are same. While others paved a way out of my life in worst days you shined and glowed like a diya of clout and courage.

You came to my life like a cracker which scorched the demons in me and of my life. Like how Ravana is burnt on Diwali let us burn the ABCs of crack, if any, in our friendship and rebuilt that with our trust and promise of inseparableness.


–Swetha G Prabhu


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