Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000 In India [2021]

The Best Benefit of Bluetooth headphones is, they filtrate the sound of our surroundings. Wireless headphones make you feel good and relax without any distractions from the surroundings.

After doing much research by our team we found that the sweet spot of wireless earphones for a budget-conscious consumer is Rs.3,000.

Hence in this article, we are recommending to you the high quality and best wireless earphones under 3000 in the Amazon store that might just be a good match for your needs In Daily life.

Coming to the question there are many best wireless earphones under 3000.

To choose ideal Headphones for you, you must first need to clear your necessities. After that, it will be a lot easier for you to choose an ideal power bank for you.

I have made a list of the top 4 best wireless earphones under 3000. This list contains Wireless headphones of all kind with all their specifications and reviews so you can choose any power bank which fulfills your requirements.

Criteria for buying best wireless earphones under 3000

1. Buy Only Lithium polymer
2. strong durability and easy to carry.
3. Fast Charging 10W/18W, <2.1A
4. Noise cancellation
5.Compatible with all smartphones (iPhone and all branded Android phones)
6. Headphone has safety protection & certificate, Airport friendly
7. Must be water-resistant.

Here is the list of best wireless earphones under 3000 in India 2021

1.One Plus Bullets Wireless Earphones
2.JBL Endurance Run BT Wireless in-Ear Sport Headphones
3.Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones
4.CrossBeats Wave Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones
Best wireless earphones under 3000

1. One Plus Bullets Wireless Earphones

One Plus Bullets Wireless Earphones

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

  • 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Multicolour lights on both the earcups.
  • 40mm large-aperture drivers.
  • 20 hrs battery backup.
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • Support for wired playback


  • The Bass Edition comes equipped with Bluetooth v5.0 and is fully compatible with all smartphones. IP55 Water & Sweat Resistance
  • Warp Charge: Charge for 10 minutes, enjoy 10 hours worth of music playback
  • Massive playtime of up to 17 hours after a full charge
  • Environmental noise-canceling algorithm-enabled microphone for perfect calls
  • With convenient features like Quick Switch, Quick Pair, and Magnetic Control, listening to your music on your Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition is a whole new acoustic experience; Low latency Mode


  • One plus offers a lot of features under the hood and one particularly unique feature- the multicolour lights. The lights look cool and complement the premium build of the headphones. Overall, anyone who wants a pair of headphones that neither compromises on looks nor miss out on any essential features will find these headphones to be perfect for them. 
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2. JBL Endurance Run BT Wireless in-Ear Sport Headphones

61Kss6a0ldL. AC SL1500 min

JBL Endurance Run BT Sweat Proof Wireless in-Ear Sport

  • 32mm dynamic drivers with JBL Pure Bass sound.
  • 11 hrs of battery backup
  • Bluetooth V4.0


  • JBL T460BT is rigidly built. Even though they’re made out of plastic, they feel sturdy and durable. You can choose from 3 colours- black, blue and white. They can be folded when not in use. This adds to their portability. 
  • JBL T460BT is comfortable to wear. The padding on the earcups is soft and covered in faux leather. Additionally, the padding offers passive noise cancellation.
  • JBL T460BT offers up to 11hrs of battery life. The headphones take around 80-90 mins to fully charge up.
  • JBL offers signature JBL sound quality with powerful bass on the T460BT’s. Even though the bass is more pronounced than an audiophile might like, it still sounds pleasing and comfortable. The mids and highs are clear and aren’t muddied by the powerful bass. 
  • In terms of connectivity, the JBL T460BT comes with Bluetooth v4.0. Call quality is good and the passive noise cancellation helps in making clearer calls.
  • JBL provides with buttons to control volume, skip tracks and play/pause music. The play/pause button also doubles up to answer/reject calls. The buttons are present on the right earcup which also houses the micro-USB port for charging.


  • Given the fact that these headphones come from the house of JBL, there is little to complain about considering how they do well in the audio department. Yet, JBL provides no option for wired playback, no carrying case/pouch. However, these might seem minor to someone who’s after JBL signature sound quality.
  • The JBL T460BT is a well-rounded pair of headphones. It’s most significant offering is JBL’s sound quality and tuning. Even though it misses out on a few features, it’s audio quality redeems its value. Go for it if you’re a JBL fan or are looking for a pair of headphones with punchy bass that doesn’t overwhelm the other frequencies.

3. Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones

71 GXwLe23L. AC SL1500 min

Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones 

  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • 35 hrs battery life
  • Fast charging- charge for 10 mins to get up to 90 mins of playback.
  • 30mm drivers.
  • USB Type-C port for charging.


  • Sony WH-CH510 comes with a compact and lightweight profile with swivel ear cups for easy portability. 
  • The 30mm Dynamic Dome Drivers offer good vocal clarity with a pleasing, warm sound stage having a good balance between bass and treble.


  • Sony has a lot to offer onboard. While it doesn’t miss out on any of the major features, the headphones don’t come with a foldable design for easier storage. 

4. CrossBeats Wave Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones

61B6mi2517L. AC SL1500 min

CrossBeats Wave Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones

  • 420 mAh battery
  • 9Hz~21KHz Frequency range
  • 103 db+/-3 speaker sensitivity
  • 32 ohms impedance
  • Noise Cancellation
  • 32mm Speaker Drivers
  • Wireless Headphone


  • This CrossBeats headphone comes in 4 different colors i.e. Blue, Black, White, and Red.
  • CrossBeats is lightweight which makes it a perfect choice for long music listeners who listens to music for hours.
  • This CrossBeats has an amazing battery back up of 12 non-stop hours which make it unique in our Best headphone under 3K.


  •  A new pair of the this can feel a bit too tight but are very likely to have a perfect fit after you use it for a while.

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