FunTouch OS 11 Hands-On & Top Features ⚡ Top Features Of FunTouch OS 11

We’ll talk about everything about FunTouchOS 11 and its Top Positive and negative features. When we buy a smartphone we talk about its specifications & hardware but don’t talk about its software much.

It is a combination of hardware + software + Ui that makes an ideal combination in a smartphone.

Today we’ll talk about FunTouch OS 11. We’ve covered mostly all Android 11 Ui skins such as MIUI, Oxygen OS, ColorOS but today we’ll check out the latest FunTouchOS 11.

In the past years, popular brands Like MI, Real me, Oppo and Samsung have started listening to users opinion and started bringing features that users want. If you look at FunTouch OS in past years back, it was a complete copy of iOS Features and UI and the implementation was also not good according to the tech experts but over the years FunTouch OS has improved significantly. That’s why we’re reviewing FunTouch OS. The latest FunTouch OS doesn’t feel like a rip off of iOS like in the past early years.

Top Positive Features Of FunTouch OS 11

1. The quick settings panel that was present previously by swiping from the bottom is now replaced by a swiping down panel & is well implemented by Vivo.

FunTouch OS 11
Quick settings panel Old vs New

2. This used to feel a bit heavy UI. Yes, Vivo is known for the best hardware but putting a heavy UI makes the experience worst for its user. But with this new FunTouch OS 11 it feels become eye candy when you open/close apps, searching apps is also very lightweight. gif maker 13 1
heavy UI

3. When you look at animations such as lock screen animations, notification animations and charging animations. It has a very good interface and 90% of the users will like them. But if you don’t like these type of animations you can turn Them off from the Vivo theme store. gif maker 14 gif maker 15 1

4. When you look at animations such as lock screen animations, notification animations and charging animations. It has a very good interface and 90% of the users will like them. But if you don’t like these type of animations you can turn Them off from the Vivo theme store. If you don’t like the default fonts, animations & themes you can change the fonts, animations & apply themes as well from the Vivo theme store. Also, many themes are available in the Vivo theme store which is free to use so you can change the theme anytime and enjoy a different experience. gif maker 16 1
Animation setting

5. You get a gaming mode where you can activate DND mode, block notifications and calls. It has an Esports mode where everything is turned off so you can focus on your gaming And you change graphics as well when you want high graphics & it’s implemented very nicely. Overall I liked this gaming mode in FunTouch OS 11 by Vivo. gif maker 21 2
Gaming mode

6. It even gets 4D vibrations and works very well. Some small features are implemented quite well like taking screenshots with swiping triple finger down, swiping three fingers from bottom enables split-screen etc. gif maker 23 2
Misc Setting

7. For video calling it has a beauty mode where you can beautify yourself while on video calls. This UI has lots and lots of features while also providing a stock Android-like experience. gif maker 22 2
Beautify mode

8. They’ve also reduced the no. of system apps that you used to get on the previous versions and there are some third-party apps installed which you can uninstall very easily on the new FunTouch OS gif maker 24 1
System apps

9. Another feature you get – iManager – which gives you all details of RAM, Storage, if you want to clear an app or cache you can do it. Yes, it’s a good addition new FunTouch OS 11. gif maker 19 2
I Manager

10. One more thing I liked is the camera app, it has become quite minimalist and also packs many features… from before taking a picture to after snapping a picture. You can do many things with filters, functions, even when your photo is not good you can make it look good & make it social media worthy. Overall I really liked the camera UI – It is minimalist without compromising on many features. Not bad at all gif maker 20 2

Top Negative Features Of FunTouchOS 11

  1. If you look at other brand’s Always-on-Display, they have a lot of customization but FouchTouchOS 11 offers limited options & doesn’t offer much customisation in Always-on-Display. gif maker 17 1
Always on Display

2. FouchTouchOS It has its own assistant named Jovi & it feels like it’s intruding & irritating but Vivo has taken efforts to include this feature and you get many options to play with. The good thing here is that you can disable Jovi & enable Google Feed. Gaming has become very important. We even get dedicated gaming phones these days. gif maker 18 2
Jovi Home

3. You get notifications & alerts from its own Vivo store. We don’t need it. I would like to tell every brand that system apps notifications should be removed. Seriously. gif maker 25 1
Unwanted notifications

One thing I didn’t like was updates – it never used to get timely updates but with FunTouchOS I’m still 100% not sure whether it will get timely updates or not but What we’ve seen is that with Vivo & iQOO phones is that it has got 1-2 updates, so I think they are improving but they need to get timely updates. Very important.

When you look at stock Android & this Ui, the general usage feels very similar which I really liked & is also good. As I told you earlier it’s important, many people are going to get Vivo & iQOO phones so I thought I should tell you everything about this FunTouch OS

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